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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  March 9, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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to close. >> of the pipe arrived earlier today. -- the piper arrived earlier today. other equipment has arrived to help install the e. millions of gallons of water lost and thousands of homes and businesses impacted. the broken pipe is out of the way so that crews can install the new pipe. >> barring any unforeseen circumstances, we should have water restored by thursday. >> a contractor had to build a gravel road and divert a river to get to the water main. by tuesday, there were 15,000 households with no water.
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inconvenienced families are waiting in long lines for free water. >> it has been crazy. we try to adjust and go with the flow. >> at a shopping center, a lack of water caused them to post this signed an answer many phone calls. >> we are closed because of the water main break. >> we are trying not to get too stressed out. my trainers went to other calls. they are trying to train other members. >> we understand that the pipe should be in place some time tonight. they do not expect for everyone to have water until possibly thursday. they also know that some people have been going through communities and have been telling people that they are selling water. the county is providing water
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for free for a county resident in this area that needs it. >> very simms, wbal 11 the bba ltv 11 news. >> there is concern about what to do about students that are missing out on important tests. our reporter has live coverage. >> we are told that 11 schools will be closed again tomorrow. first, we have the snow and then the water main break. once again, baltimore county school officials are having to deal with the unexpected. >> we were supposed to take the test this week, but we are out this week. >> kids are missing out on the assessment tests that were in progress. >> we are working very closely
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with the mayor and school board to come up with contingency plans. we will have to reconfigure the testing calendar. >> the schools affected are on your screen. >> it has been a challenge. i was home from work this weekend i intended to be by myself and get a lot of things done. >> i was upset because we have had so many snow days. >> the students that are forced to stay home cannot wait to get back on campus. >> i hope to get back in school sometime soon. this is not making me feel too good. i feel like i have too much time on my hands. >> officials say they cannot open the schools for a number of
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reasons. there is no water to prepare food, or operate bathrooms. >> those same 11 schools will be closed again tomorrow. >> we will have continuing coverage of the water main break on our website, there, you will find out more. it is under your local news section. >> the superintendent has signed off on the first batch of snow day waiver requests. she has agreed to waive a five snow days for students in some schools and three snow days for charles and frederick county. she has the authority to provide waivers on a case by case basis. >> dge is warning customers
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about sticker shock. last month's blizzards caused the committee to hear legislation. we are live from the state house. >> the bill has broad support. they believe they will lower electric rates by regulated utility industry. -- by regulating the utility industry. this year, supporters are going down a different path. >> rates can be lowered. >> if successful, this will directed to make a transition plan. it will allow it to build new power plants. the measure is bolstered by a new study.
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there have been residential rates that have been cut. this is because of new technology. >> if you with those factors together, a utility can actually construct a facility and generate power at a price that is cheaper. >> according to supporters, they have the authority to do this. the agency lacks a clear policy directive. since the agency wouldn't to affect back in 1989, they have been struggling to rewrite regulations. those rules remain a work in progress. >> of this bill removes that conflict. >> they oppose regulation.
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they believe that competition will drive rates down 3 >> -- down. >> the market will take the risk of building a new generating plants in the state of maryland. >> the bill is at the hands of the committee. similar measures have failed. >> michael vick is in woodlawn tonight. that is certainly not without controversy. here we begin with the protest. >> this is a pretty decent turnout. a lot of these folks are upset that he is getting the award. there are probably about 100-
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150. there was a little more about a half hour ago. there is a little bit of a police presence. this has really been completely non-violent. it has run pretty smoothly for these protesters. speaking of folks coming out here, i pulled jim aside and he said that -- just give me your thoughts. >> i have been a baltimore sports fan for years. there are certain awards given to people for doing heroic things. i was really upset because i know the meeting of the award. it was given for courage. it was not given to somebody who served time in jail. this was part of the plea bargain. everybody asks why everybody is
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here. i very much love dogs. but it is more than that. this is a man who was being rewarded with millions of dollars by an nfl contract, but he says he wants to play for carolina and. the man does not come across as a courageous person. >> this is the consensus of a lot of folks. there is concern about the violence concerning the dogs. speaking of this award, gerry sandusky is standing by with more on the part of the story. >> it was a little more toned down but let me explain what this award is.
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it is that a war that is received by one player on each of the nfl teams. it is for a player who has overcome an injury or unusual circumstances to resume his nfl career. unusual circumstances does describe the journey that michael vick has been on. he addressed the topic of his critics. he is very aware of his critics. this is everywhere that he goes that he knows the critics will fall and throughout his career. michael vick understands the reality that he is no longer able to please everyone. >> everyone has the right to their own opinion. i feel like i have done everything that i said i would do. that is the most important for
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me i felt like i was doing the right thing. >> this is by no means the end of a journey. this is live. >> that brings us to our text question for today. you can get your cellphone text messaging rates apply. we have already heard from close to 300 of you did a 64% say that it does not deserve -- that say that -- say that michael vick does not deserve the award.
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city officials are auctioning off the former mayor's xbox machine. the current bid steady at $660. -- stands at six under $60. >> dozens more patients have received an unnecessary and plant. 169 people have been notified, and more letters could be coming soon. more than 3 everett 50 patients were told that they may have received -- more than 350 patients were told that they may have received improper hearts danc stints. >> we have a lot of sunshine, but the doppler shows clouds at of the police about whether.
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right now, winds are
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>> a ship has been docked in haiti and the military says the need for the ship has dropped significantly. hospitals and other facilities are taking on a greater role. the ship leaves tomorrow and should arrive back in baltimore on sunday. >> tonight, and all moving iteam investigation. here is a 11 news iteam reporter. this has to do with medical equipment and the prices that seem very inflated.
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>> when he was prescribed a brace for tendinitis, he stumbled upon a curious problem. the brace was $220, more than six times the lowest retail cost. i got the statement and i could not believe it. >> we found that same brace for a fraction of the cost online. it to night, at 11:00 p.m., cracking the case on the high cost of medical equipment. >> now, your 11 insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tassel wmire. we saw -- gilad >> we saw a swing in temperature. it had a normal high of 51.
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spring does not officially start until march 20 at to get along the eastern seaboard, there were mild temperatures. for our region, it will stay in mild. -- it will stay mile. this will traps above that mild air. -- it will stay mild. elsewhere, the mild to birchers will remain -- the mild temperatures will remain. the storm that is slowly moving in our direction will push its first few sprinkles across the region early tomorrow. for this time of year, it is seasonably mild temperatures. that area of high pressure will push away and that will allow the storm to track end.
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-- to track and. -- to track in. several days worth of time will gradually work its way through the area. the first part of it are these light showers and sprinkles. otherwise, a continued mild day. there was a light shower and a few scattered showers across the northern part of the day. in ocean -- of the day. -- northern part of the bay. bay water to birchers are in the '40's. -- temperatures are in the '40's. it looks like rain will continue in thursday and will drop the temperatures back.
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it rain will become more scattered on friday and saturday. while it will not be raining all the time, it will be that way for several days during. -- for several days. we will go back to daylight savings time on sunday. sunday's high will be 52. >> we are live for martin's west, the site of the courage award. this year, it has a lightning rod quality to it. michael vick is one of the recipients. he was voted the honor by his teammates. this is the first honor that he has received since the nfl reinstated him following his prison sentence.
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michael vick is trying to teach that dogs are friends. michael vick says he has a long way to go. >> you are always a work in progress. you never know it all. you continue to reach out to the guardians that have the utmost love and respect. if you continue to do that, you will always find yourself being in a positive situation this is just a steppingstone. this is something that i plan to continue to do as my life moves on. >> far different and far less controversial awards for the basketball team, gary williams got the coach of the year
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honors. one dixon -- juan dixon and gary williams are receiving awards. they say that the focus is to start creating team awards and not just individual honors. >> i wouldn't trade that for the sec chairmanship. that is more important. >> we will have highlights for you tonight at 11 pm. we will have your seven a forecast right after this. -- 70 forecast right after this.
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>> here is a look at what we're working on for 11 news tonight. a woman uses modern technology to help terrorists. the man accused of bribing david letterman, the surprising
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>> we are still used work -- still used to sunshine and the '60s. >> we will have to deal with a few sprinkles and some light showers tomorrow. we will have more steady area is -- a more steady rain in the area on thursday and sunday. we will lose one hours sleep on sunday. by the way, the fire department always reminds us that it is a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detector. >> nbc nightly news is coming up next. >> good night. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.
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